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"swallowing stars...

spitting up stardust"

"God is in my head, but the Devil is in my pants"
1 June 1982
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"we should not try to be beautiful like seasonal flowers or greenery that flourish in the rainy season but are weary in the winter. to be enlivened by the clouds of ignorance overhead and to enjoy the sight of temporary greenery is not all that desirable. one should try to live in the unlimited clear sky overflooded with the rays of the sun and moon. that is what we actually desire. a life of freedom in eternity, complete knowledge...."

-light of the bhagavata.

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"society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members. society is a joint-stock company, in which the members agree, for the better securing of his bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater. the virtue in most request is conformity. self reliance is it's aversion. it loves not realities and creators, but names and customs."

-self reliance: ralph waldo emerson

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